We exist to serve  the Church

Large or small, we exist to help equip your ministry with the right technology.

A unique challenge: Technology and the Church

We're passionate about serving and equipping the local church. Our team has spent years volunteering and serving on church staff, so we understand the unique challenges of technology in the Church. We've used a variety of tools to accomplish our day to day tasks, but most didn't fit our needs exactly. Many of these tools were difficult to use, and even more difficult to train volunteers to use. We sometimes built our own tools to help, but this wasn't sustainable.

As challenging as it was to pick the right tools, finding the time to use them was even harder. Church staff is spread thin enough as is, and it takes ongoing investment and training before volunteers can take over critical responsibilities. We found ourselves performing the same tasks over and over every week--and this repetition only worsened as we expanded and added satellite campuses. Because of the time investment, we'd often have to make the hard decision to avoid technology altogether.

"There has to be a better way..."

It is from these challenges that Bethel was born: an easy-to-use, integrated platform that's purpose-built for the needs of the local church. Bethel exists to provide a single tool to enable your staff or volunteers to manage the technology that drives your ministry. And because Bethel will integrate with everything, it's easy to use alongside the tools and services you already love.

Work less and accomplish more

We focus on automation and simplicity in everything we build. Automation allows you to work less and do more. We don't think you should have to do many of the routine and repetitive tasks you're currently doing. With Bethel, the platform works for you so you can accomplish more.

Technology Crafted for Ministry

Bethel's mission is to serve the Church through cutting edge technology, allowing you to work less and do more. Join us on our journey as we develop the first open source digital platform designed for the Church.

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